Thursday, March 5, 2015

Status Update - Early March 2015 and SNOW!

Today, March 5, 2015, we awoke to snow in North Texas.  I took some pictures around our yard to chronicle the event.  Lucky for us, the forecast for the next few days is sunshine and warmer temperatures.  We started out with a nice sunrise this morning.

The thermometer on the back porch says 22 degrees.

George and Martha were hanging out by the pool this morning.

The backyard fountain is covered in snow and icicles.

The peach tree is covered with buds, but I believe it is still too early in the season for them to be harmed by the ice.

The vegetable garden is now reeling under the weight of the 3rd winter event since we planted it the first week of February.  So far the plants have survived - we'll see.

Berries from a yaupon holly bush are covered in snow and ice.

The Agave plant in the front yard is a tough succulent - freezing temperatures and snow do not bother it. 

 Rosemary flowers are now covered in snow.

Cow's Tongue prickly pear

Spineless prickly pear.

 A couple of days before the snow, we had a flock of starlings visit our backyard. 

When they took flight, I noticed there were a few red winged blackbirds in the group.

On a good note this week, our Black Austrolorp hen, Jonie, started laying again!  She hasn't laid any eggs since the bobcat attack last year.  See

The frostbitten garden gnome bids you goodbye!

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