Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Ups and Downs of Gardening in Late Winter 2015

On February 18th, George & Martha returned to our yard!  I believe this is the same Mallard pair that stayed in our yard about 2 months last year. 

We struggle to keep them out of the pool.  We just ran them out again - they quack complaints.  They are making do with puddles in the yard.

 The honeybees were out this week and buzzing around the rosemary during the warm days. 

On early February 23rd, an ice storm hit here in North Texas with temperatures plunging to 25 degrees for over 24 hours.  The question now is, will the new cool season garden survive?  Note how the herbs in the center circular gardens survived the ice with no problems.

Last year in 2014 was the first time we ever lost our cool season garden.  I attributed the loss to the overnight drop in temperatures of over 60 degrees.  This time, the temperatures are cold but the temperature difference was not so great.  I'm hopeful that the garden will survive.

These are pictures from the next day, February 24th, I have hope that the broccoli, spinach, swiss chard, and cabbage will recover.

 It looks like the onions will make it!

 My other concern was that the broccoli plants were attacked again by the bunnies last night.   They eat the plants down to the nubs.

Anger and frustration.  We are talking about getting another rat terrier pup since Festus is getting blind and deaf and can't keep the bunnies run off.

In the meantime, our trusty owl will have to do the job.  We repaired the hole where we think the bunnies were getting in.

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