Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mid-April 2015

The days are in the mid 70's - perfect weather interspersed with rainy days makes for beautiful flowers and a healthy and growing vegetable garden.

The Louisiana iris are coming up now. 

Blackberries and climbing antique roses are both in full bloom now.

 This rose is very large - about eight tall.

 The bald cypress are starting to bud out now.

My butterfly rose (Mutabulis) is a climbing antique that has many colored petals.  It is huge.

And yet another beautiful antique rose.  Souvenir de la Malmaison.  I love all the petals.

Our vegetable garden is looking good now.

Onions in the foreground.  A wisteria vine has been trained into a tree in the background.


Festus is sniffing around for bunnies.

 The bush beans are coming up, but not everywhere, so we are overseeding.

Tiny carrots are starting to come up now.

 The artichokes continue to grow larger.

An antique rose bush, Old Blush,  in the front yard is in full bloom right now.  You can see our 3000 gallon water cistern in this picture.

The pink indian hawthorne is in full bloom right now.

Climbing clemantis.

The lemon balm smells wonderful. 

 The front porch looks nice.  The bearded iris are almost ready to burst forth.

  The golden columbine is in full bloom now!

Pink indian hawthorne is in the foreground with a red knockout rose in the background.  

And finally, our first snake, looks like it just hatched - about 6" long, of the season - not sure what it is - in the pool!

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