Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The flowers in my yard...

This post is just pics of my beautiful spring flowers this year.  The pics are taken in both my front and back yards.  The roses are either antiques or knock-outs.  Other flowers include irises, clematis, and red hot pokers. The rose to the right is an antique and was ordered from the https://antiqueroseemporium.com/.  However, I can't remember the name!  Although it has a blackspot problem in the summer, right now it is absolutely beautiful.  I don't want to rip it out, so I guess I will live with the leaves falling off later in the year.  Another plus is that it has beautiful rose hips. 

Red Salvia Greggii - these bushes are always a winner and I see hummingbirds visit them every morning and evening.

The Antique Rose Emporium says that this rose was Teddy Roosevelt's favorite rose - Duchesse de Brabrant.  The roses are beautiful, however, the rose bush - which can reach 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide has a problem with black spot.  However, because it has such a unique bloom - and it is a repeat bloomer - I have decided to keep the two bushes that I have.

Bloom from an Indian Hawthorne shrub.

My irises were ordered from a company out of Oregon.  I chose them because they had so many beautiful colors. http://www.schreinersgardens.com/ 

My daughter picked out the flowers and designed their placement in this beautiful little garden area.
More irises! 

Belinda's Dream in the front - Red Knock-out in the back.
Large Red Knock Outs

Sombreuil rose bush in front.



Cecile Brunner

Another shot of the Mutabilis butterfly rose - on the right.  The rose on the left is Old Blush Climbing.



I cannot remember the name of this antique, however, if I find it, I will update the blog post - it is beautiful, however, if we have a wet spring, the blooms tend to start looking messy because they have so many petals.  My bush is about 5 feet tall now.  It also has a problem with black spot - however, I don't want to rip it out because the flowers can be so beautiful.

White Mermaid antique roses- they smell wonderful!  This bush is very prolific, drought tolerant too.

This is Cecile Brunner - it is also VERY healthy.  Although the roses themselves are not as pretty up close, at a distance, this rose is fabulous.  It has no problem with black spot.  The canes are so big and large it is like a tree!  I highly recommend this rose.  I'm guessing this rose tops 8 feet now.

This is my Mutabilis rose, the common name is butterfly bush.  It is a wonderful rose and blooms the longest of all my roses.

This is my first daylily of the season.   I'm sure there will be more to come.

I planted my Christmas amaryllis bulbs in the garden and they are blooming beautifully!   I'm thrilled!

First red hot poker bloom of the season.

 I planted this clematis vine last year and thought it died.  I found it blooming - wonderful surprise.

Wisteria "tree" in the foreground.  Knock Outs and Belindas Dream roses behind.

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