Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Crisp April Morning at My House

It is 45 degrees this morning on April 20th in North Texas.  Very chilly!  Joe and I walked around with a cup of coffee - there is all kinds of activity in the garden this morning.

Peppers were just planted yesterday
Hen and chicks (sempervium) in a pot

The martins are waking up.

A mallard family flew into my backyard twice this week.

Another view of my front porch.  My rose bushes look really pretty this year.  They are at least 5-6 feet tall this year.
Indian hawthorne in the foreground is blooming

Knockouts and red salvia greggii

Our 5 hens would like to get out and search for bugs.  They are waiting on me to open their cage.

See potato box in front of broccoli beds.

Martins are up early this morning.

Broccoli will be ready for harvesting soon

Luckily the late frost did not get our peaches!

Blackberry bushes are loaded with blooms.

Old Blush antique climbing rose is in full bloom.

Mutabulis antique butterfly rose is starting to bloom.

My antique climbing roses are huge this spring.

Martins checking out the garden.  See my nice compost bin that Joe built.

You can see my tomatoes in this one.

It won't be long until the onions will be ready to harvest.  I need to cut the asparagus tops off too - they are in the center strawberry planter top.

Front yard - my red salvia is so pretty - I saw a hummingbird sipping nectar this morning, but I couldn't catch a picture.  These are different shots of my front yard.

This photograph was taken 2 weeks ago.  The broccoli has really grown.

 We rescued a turtle from our swimming pool twice this week!  We are going to take him to the neighborhood pond today.

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