Saturday, May 7, 2016

Early May 2016 - Irises, Antique Roses, and Other Flowers in Bloom

We've had quite a bit of rain here in North Texas so far this year.  It makes for lots of lovely flowers.  Here is a sampling of what is in bloom around my yard this spring for another entry into my garden journal.

I'll start off with the bearded irises.



Red salvia greggii, red hot pokers, red yuccas, and yellow daylillies.

Antique rose bush in bloom.  The cannas are coming up as well.

Newer variety of daylillies that stay in bloom more consistently.

 Louisiana iris.

Lambs ear is in bloom.

 Backyard - the climbing antique roses are in full bloom now.

 The mockingbirds around my house are prolific and sing up a storm.

Blue salvia is a perennial and comes back each year.

 The girls are looking for bugs.

More Louisiana iris.

Another view of the antique monsters as the sun is going down.

 Pomegranate bloom.

Butterfly weed reseeds itself each year.

Walkway to the front door.

I'll start and end with bearded irises.  This has been a good year for them.


  1. Beautiful and so refreshing sight of the graden and flowers blooming. The spring and summer brings back the colours of life to the garden. Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow! The pictures of these beautiful and fresh flowers reminds me of the spring time when you get to find flowers and green grass everywhere around you in full bloom.