Saturday, December 5, 2015

The 12 Days of Christmas at the Dallas Arboretum - 2015

Today, December 5, 2015, we visited the beautiful gardens at the Dallas Arboretum.  The weather was perfect.  Clear skies, no wind, and 58 degrees for an afternoon temperature.

At the entrance.

 Across the street are the ticket booths. 

A Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Many of the azaleas were in full bloom - in December!

Two Turtle Doves


Two more Turtle Doves!

Three French Hens


 Four Calling Birds.

Five Golden Rings.

 Six Geese A Laying.

Seven Swans a Swimming.

Eight Maids a Milking.

9 Ladies Dancing.

Ten Lords A Leaping.


 Eleven Pipers Piping.

Twelve Drummers Drumming.

The crepe myrtles have beautiful smooth bark.  Perfect shapes in the wintertime after the leaves have fallen.

You can see Dallas high rises across White Rock Lake.

As we were leaving - we saw some very beautiful clouds in the sky - they looked like angels.

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  1. Hey there ! I love your posts. You have an amazing energy to you and i really like your spirit. Thanks for sharing things with us. We are here to support you.