Friday, June 12, 2015

Making Coconut Oil Soap - Easy Recipe!

I saw a recipe for making soap that was much easier than the ones I had made previously so I decided to try it.  It is from Becky's Homestead Youtube channel.

The recipe appears to have turned out perfectly.  I decided to put it in a blog post so that I will remember it and others who are interested can try it too.

First I collected all the ingredients.
54 ounces of coconut oil
24.25 ounces of distilled water
9.7 ounces of lye
2 ounces total of essential oil
1 ounce approximately vitamin E

 24.25 ounces of distilled water

 9.7 ounces of lye

When making soap always pour the lye into water.   I do this step outside because of the toxic fumes that form.  Also, don't forget to wear eye and skin protection.  The lye will burn anything it touches!

 The temperature on my batch spiked at 180 degrees.

Wait until it comes down to 100 degrees and then add melted 54 ounces coconut oil.  I purchased the 54 ounce container so there is no need to weigh the ingredient.

Mix with a hand mixer until trace phase where there are thick ripples in the mixture.

 After the trace phase I gave the mixture a big squirt of vitamin E - approximately 1 ounce.

Add essential oil next.  I made soap with two different oil combinations. 

First I split the entire mixture into two separate batches.  Then to each batch I added 1 ounce total of essential oils.  In this case I prepared the following:
Batch 1 got 0.5 ounces of eucalyptus oil and 0.5 ounces of sweet orange oil.
Batch 2 got 0.5 ounces of sage oil and 0.5 ounces of lemongrass oil.

 Pour the soap into molds.  I use the flexible rubber molds.  It is easy to get the soap out after it sits for 24 hours.  Then let the soap harden for 24 hours.  Keep the soap warm as long as possible by covering the soap molds with towels.

After 24 hours remove the soap from the molds and cut up the soap and or trim it as necessary.

 Both soap batches smell wonderful so the combinations I tried are keepers.

 Let the soap cure for 5-6 weeks and the soap should be ready to use! 

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