Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mail Order Package Among Other Things - Early May 2015

We had quite a bit of excitement this week - we got some brand new hen chicks in the mail!  They were shipped overnight after hatching the day before.  I ordered them from Meyer Hatchery.

I was able to choose the breeds I wanted and I selected only hens.  No roosters for me - I don't want to disturb the neighbors.  They made it just fine coming through the mail in their box.

Clockwise beginning with the yellow chick 1) Delaware; 2) New Hampshire red; 3) Silver Laced Wyandotte; and 4) Dominique.   All will be good laying hens.

We moved them to a bird cage for now and keep them in the house.  We have a 60 watt light bulb on them to keep them warm.

In honor of Mother's Day, I took of picture of this Mother spider floating in the swimming pool.  She is covered in baby spiders.

 We rescued her and put her in the garden so she and the babies could kill pests.

One night this week we took a picture of the mother cardinal sitting on her nest in a yaupon holly.

She has two eggs.

We continue to check our purple martin gourds and another nest just hatched!

And here we have a new nest.

Our carolina wren chicks continue to grow.  They have quite a few feathers now.

 We decided to check their heartbeat - very fast!

On to some excitement on the front porch.  Look what was waiting for me.  It is good I looked before I sat down!

I believe this is a rat snake.  Probably after all the bird nests in the yard.  After I disturbed him, he slithered around the back of the chair.  I left him alone to leave - I want him to catch mice and rats.

The confederate jasmine is blooming like crazy right now. 

 It smells wonderful.  This vine is evergreen.

I have antique roses  that are still blooming now.  New Dawn (white/pale pink flower) is in the front. 

 Red Cascade (small red flower) is in the front.

I'll close with a picture of the vegetable garden.  It is coming along well despite the bunnies efforts to destroy it - 2015 seems to be a prolific year for them.  Today my hubby is busy weeding.  He put up a second row of twine around the tomatoes. 

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