Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Today, January 17, 2015, is the first really nice day we have had here in North Texas.  The temperature reached the 60's with a very light breeze.  I realized I hadn't made a post to my garden journal so I'm posting pics I've taken this year so far.  Birds have been flocking around my feeders, especially when it was cold and rainy and have been the most interesting things around the yard.

White crowned sparrows

A very loud Carolina Wren visited my front yard today - I originally guessed a House Wren when I took the picture - but the stripe above the eye makes me now believe it is a Carolina.

House sparrows were visiting the feeder last week when it was so cold and rainy.

A male cardinal visited my yard.

This is a crab spider.  I have never seen one like this around here before.  We found it in my husband's t-shirt drawer!   I took it outside to get some light when taking the picture.

It is sitting on a barite rose.  These rocks come from Oklahoma.  Here is a link to some information about them.

The only thing blooming in January is rosemary.

We harvested broccoli the last week of December 2014.  I never got around to posting the pictures.  We had several large heads.

I'll close today with Jonie.  She is all by herself since the bobcat attack last year.  She doesn't like to come out of her chicken tractor very much and is very wary.  I coaxed her out to enjoy the sunshine today.  We plan to get her some new friends this spring!  I found a hatchery that guarantees female chicks and I can order a small number of chicks through the mail!
Meyer Hatchery:

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