Sunday, June 22, 2014

Vegetable Garden Status on Summer Solstice - 2014

The pictures below are of my vegetable garden on the longest day of the year - Summer Solstice, June 21, 2014.  I found some interesting facts regarding the Summer Solstice at the following link:

 The Cucumbers are doing well - we will have plenty this year - not quite ready for harvest yet.


The girls are looking for bugs.


Beautiful Bell Peppers

 Zucchini - we have lots.

Bush Beans are coming up - no harvest yet.

A small Dragonfly

The Garden Spider is waiting for pests.

 Asian Persimmons - I'm really concerned about this tree this year - it is not very healthy.  We may lose it.  I attribute its' demise to the really large temperature drop (+60 degrees) in March.

The Peach tree has a lot of fruit this year.

The Peaches will be ready for harvest in another week or so.


This is our first crop of Almonds on this tree.

 Harvested Garlic


Our Tomato plants look really ratty this year, but at least we were able to harvest some tomatoes.

 The day's harvest on Summer Solstice- the Zucchini are LARGE!

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