Monday, May 19, 2014

BEE SWARM and Other Happenings in the Garden -

On May 18th we had something new happen around here - a Honeybee Swarm!  The swarm size was approximately 10" x 18".  It stayed in our bald cypress tree for about 24 hours and then moved on.

I found the following information on the Texas A & M web site:
"One of the most interesting honey bee colony behaviors is known as “swarming.” Swarming is the method used by honey bees to start a new colony.  A swarm is merely a honey bee colony in search of a nesting site. A swarm generally consists of a mated queen bee along with hundreds or thousands of accompanying worker bees."

I remember about 5 years ago my next door neighbor had a very large swarm of honeybees build a nest in the wall in her garage!  What a big expensive mess.  They had to hire a beekeeper to come tear out the drywall and insulation and vacuum the bees.  Actually it was a 2 day job, the bees had to be vacuumed the next day as well to catch the ones that were out the day before.  I remember they had several large bins full of perfectly shaped honeycombs just dripping with honey that had been pulled out of their wall.  I am always wary and watchful now for honeybees might decide my house is a good place to build a nest as well.

I had several other visitors as well.  We have had quite a few hummingbirds lately visiting the red Salvia Greggii. 

I also saw a lovely female Cardinal.

Male Cardinal on the roof.


Pink Primrose wildflower in my yard

 White Primrose wildflower in the yard.

The grapes are doing great now - they loaded with little grapes.

The blackberries are still loaded as well and are starting to change color.  The new ones are in the front - we won't get any berries from this this year.  But check out the ones in the back - they are huge now.

The Red Yucca is also blooming - hummingbirds love this as well for a nectar source.

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