Sunday, March 16, 2014

Late Winter Early Spring - March 2014

This weekend I attended a Dallas Symphony concert that focused on the music of John Denver.  My love for his music has not changed since I was a teenager.  His lyrics spoke to my heart about love, nature, and the stewardship of the land.  My life's career is based on protection of our natural resources.  His influence was huge to me.

I was thinking about that fact today while I was walking about my yard on this cold March morning and I remembered one of my favorite instrumental songs by him "Late Winter, Early Spring".  I couldn't find a video of him actually playing it, but I did find a lovely video so you can listen to it.  

This morning we had a pair of Mallard Ducks visit my backyard!  

Yesterday, my husband saw some kind of Falcon in a neighbor's yard.  It was too far to identify, but I wanted chronicle that it actually visited!

About 2 weeks ago I saw a Heron by the side of the road in my neighborhood.  Although the pictures are blurry since they were taken with my I-Phone, I still wanted to chronicle the event in my journal.

A bunny was playing in my yard a few days ago.  Undoubtedly some bunny mother will have a nest in my yard this Spring.

Here are a few pics of my garden right now.  We originally planted it (cold season crops) in early February.  The first week after planting we had 3 days below 20 degrees and unbelievably it survived.  However, several weeks later, we had a day with temps reaching in the low 80's and in 24 hours the temperature dropped below 20 degrees!  The onions survived but were burned, All the broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower died.  We replanted it last week.  Here are the latest pics.

The hens saying Hello!

The Almond Tree is in full bloom right now.

My Peach Tree is also in bloom.

The Pear Tree is blooming as well.

The Day-lilies and Irises are coming up in the front yard!

The Rosemary is blooming in the front yard.

And finally here are some Daffodils that were blooming in my Front Yard about a week ago.  

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