Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Birds Visiting My Yard Today - 1/2/14

I had time today to watch my yard for visitors here in North Texas.  My first guest was unexpected - a hawk arrived this morning looking for a chicken dinner - luckily all my hens were safely in their pen - what a beautiful bird!  For the record - in addition to the birds that I snapped pictures of, I also had a visit from a killdeer.

Swainson's Hawk




Female Cardinal

 Another Female Cardinal

A blurry picture - but I got a shot of a male and female cardinal together.

Male cardinal

 This is a newcomer to my yard - I have never seen one of these before!  It is a very small bird with yellow cast to its wings.  It is a ruby crowned kinglet.  I saw a red patch on it!


 White Crowned Sparrows

House sparrows.

House finch.


  1. Thanks! The hawk showing up in my backyard inspired me to see who showed up - hah!