Sunday, November 10, 2013

Garden Harvest and Clean Up Before First Freeze Hits on 11/12/13

Our forecast portends our first freeze hitting North Texas on Tuesday, November 12, 2013.  The low is projected for 30 degrees.  So this is the last weekend I have to harvest the warm weather vegetables and fruit and get them inside.  

Here is a link to an interactive map which shows typical first frost dates.

These are pictures of our fall harvest and garden clean up day - at least we are lucky that today is so nice outside.

Pulling up tomato plants.

The cleaned up vegetable bed after the tomatoes were removed.

First large broccoli head of the season.  About ready to pick.

Bell Peppers.

Sugar snap peas and spinach planted from seed.


Broccoli - back bed.

Digging up parsnips.  See wild asparagus in foreground.

Harvested parsnips.  We didn't get much of a yield - they were planted on the top of one of the strawberry planters.  It took all season to get to this size.  We aren't sure they are worth growing.

Broccoli - front bed.

Asian persimmon tree.  Although the fruit is hard as a rock and not yet ripe, we always pick it before the first freeze.  The fruit ripens well in the house.

Close up shot of the pretty fruit.  They are very heavy.  When they are ripe, they are very sweet to eat.  I also scoop out the pulp for use in pumpkin bread and cookie recipes.

This is the first year our Russian Quince tree produced fruit (2).  They are also hard but I brought them in because of the impending freeze.

Beans in front bed.

Harvested fruit.  Asian Persimmons in the back, Pomegranates and Russian Quince in the front.

Harvested green tomatoes, bell and banana peppers.
I found a web site link that has 25 ideas for green tomatoes.  I think tonight I'm going to fry up some "Green Fried Tomatoes".  See link for recipes.

Zucchini - time for zucchini bread!

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