Saturday, June 15, 2013

Late spring flowers - lots of daylilies in this post.

I'm posting about my day-lilies today because their blooms will soon be disappearing.  I ordered all of mine through the mail from Gilbert H. Wild and Son because they had so many colors and varieties.  They also run really good sales.

I'm also posting additional pics (besides day-lilies) of some plants around my yard.  My asparagus fern lived through the winter in my garage.  It looked pretty rough when it got set out on my back porch in March, however, it has grown like crazy and looks beautiful.  It is very full now.  See my lemon tree in the foreground on the left.  It overwintered in my house that had morning sun.

Cuban Oregano in pot - very fragrant on my back porch.  Note large rosemary behind it.  It had lots of blue blooms in the early spring.

Trumpet Vine - hummingbirds love it.

My Cow's Tongue Prickly Pear - in bloom

Bee on orange prickly pear bloom


Echinecea - note small (and different) crab like spiders on each of the photos.  This flower is also known as purple coneflower.

Vitex in my backyard - attracts lots of hummingbirds!

More day-lilies

Blue Salvia

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