Friday, May 17, 2013

Phase 2 of my spring flower garden with huge antique climbing roses

My antique roses are getting huge this year!  They are about 7-8 years old.  I ordered them from the  The soil is black clay gumbo - typical for North Texas.  I didn't do anything extra to it - these roses have lived through severe drought the last few years - that is why I picked them.

Below is Red Cascade.  This year it has just outdone itself.  My fence is 6' tall, for perspective. 

The white (with shades of pink) rose is New Dawn.  This is the first year it has looked so beautiful.  The antique climbing rose in the back is Cramsoi Superior

New Dawn

Another shot of Red Cascade - a red antique climber.  The antique rose behind it is mutabilis (butterfly rose).  I have better pictures of this rose in more beautiful bloom in previous posts.

The antique pink rose climber Souvenir de la Malmaison
It is not as full and huge as the others, but its blooms are more defined and have more petals.

Orange daylilly

When I bought this perennial I thought I was getting a Black Eyed Susan - unfortunately, this variety didn't have a black eye.

The perennial below is some type of blue salvia that I picked up years ago.  It has come back each year and is very dependable.

Antique Rose - Caldwell Pink

I have 2 colors of Lantana.  Some years it does well.  However, when you read gardening magazines, they make it sound like it is foolproof.  In my opinion, that assessment is not accurate.  I have had many years where it gets some type of fungus and looks horrible.   I end up cutting it back - I've even threatened to remove it.  However, this year it has redeemed itself.

Pink Lantana

The first of my daylillies is blooming - I have a lot more that will be coming later in late May and early June.

Another shot of Caldwell Pink

My pomegranate tree is full of blooms this year.  I should have a lot of fruit in the fall.

Anothe shot of the New Dawn climbing rose.

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